Islam on Depression

Islam is a religion of peace, and that includes peace of mind. One of the most common plagues to human beings these days is depression. And unfortunately, many treat it lightly, whereas depression is a mental illness that should be dealt with like any other physical or emotional ailment. So what does Islam say about depression? Karaz’s Mira conveys the opinions of some scholars on the matter below. 

islam on depression

Islam on Depression

Islam, if you think about it, is a form of meditation. And one of the most loved meditations in Islam is that of the remembrance of God. Remembering God brings peace to your heart, because it also reminds you of the bigger purpose of your life and the purpose of serving God in what we do.

If you take a positive outlook, then you reframe your mind to think about what you can do with your life to serve that greater purpose…to follow in Divine law, to live the good principles set out by Islam and to be a better person.

This encompasses what you do you in your life as a whole- not a tunnel vision theory of just worship in the ritualistic sense. Because doing good, is a form of worship. So maybe you can help others. To convey the message and morals of Islam by example. To study more, to learn to teach.

You can raise funds for those who need charity, give your time to spend with orphans or older people, to partake in activities that will spark that feeling of belonging to a greater community.

The feelings of giving back, of belonging, of striving for self improvement, of learning and gaining perspective, are all things that can help one come out of depression.

Your life is not hollow. Your purpose is important. Strive to do better, and see the beauty of life, and your life will become beautiful.

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