Kissing is Good For Relationships

You’re engaged, or already married, and you are curious about how to improve intimacy, right? Turning the heat up in your relationship isn’t as difficult as you might think.  There is evidence indicating kissing your partner more will not only increase intimacy, but will enhance overall health and vitality. Karaz’s Ahmad explains. 

A Case Study

Studies confirm the connection between kissing and health.  The researchers already knew kissing improved intimacy and that kissing is good for relationships; but they wanted to go further, and demonstrate kissing has many health benefits as well.  It turns out kissing builds immunity to allergens, and increases the body’s resistance to stress. Researchers also found more evidence of kissing’s ability to increase the overall happiness in a romantic relationship.  Underneath your skin is a substance called sebum; and when exchanged between partners via kissing, it sends signals to the brain that associates sensations like bonding and affection. The studies found that kissing also lowers cholesterol.  In other words, after a fancy and romantic dinner involving fatty foods, make sure to end the night with a long, passionate kiss—you’ll burn fat and create a magical connection.

Just Easin’ the Tension Baby

Ever noticed how great you feel after a fun, and exciting kiss? What you are feeling are powerful Oxytocin chemicals pumping through your blood stream—making you feel fantastic. Both sex and kissing give your relationship, and overall state of mind, a powerful punch of positivity.  When you connect lips with that special someone, you generate something akin to meditation.  Doing so provides your body and relationship with a much-needed break from all the negative information it’s bombarded with on a daily basis. Kissing also adds excitement to your life. Life can seem mundane sometimes; and offers a chance to excite the body in a natural, safe, and healthy way.

After All, It’s Natural

Kissing is everywhere.  Insects “kiss” by stroking each other’s leg and abdomen.  Cats, moles, and turtles rub noses.  Dogs kiss by licking each other’s faces. Elephants show affection by sticking their trunks in the mouth of another elephant. Chimpanzees are even more fascinating.  They use deep French kissing to relieve stress, show friendship, and to make up after an argument. As humans it’s easy to relate to our evolutionary cousins.  When you kiss your wife or finance, you do so because it builds a natural connection, generates positivity, and increases overall happiness.

To Be, Or Not to Be: Kissing is the Answer!

Research has shown that kissing exchanges important physiological data.  This includes information that aids in selecting the right person for you.  There’s something called major histocompatibility complex.  It’s a collection of genes related to your immune system that can intuitively tell you if you’re kissing someone from a genetically compatible gene pool. In other words, you naturally seek partners that offer the best chance of procreation.  This is due to your evolutionary background, and the fact that you are automatically attracted to a person that will help your genetic line survive into the future.

Kiss Her, You Fool!

Whatever the case, kissing has way too many benefits to not practice the art as often as possible.  Good morning kisses, mid-day kisses, and good night kisses—are all easy ways to increase the intimacy level in your relationship. So, keep a breath mint nearby, you’re going to need it.

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