5 Marriage Myths You Should Know About

It is well known that marriage can be hard work. It requires a great deal of care and effort from both sides. Every couple wishes to have a harmonious relationship with minimal conflicts. Marriages function properly with the right amount of romance, peace, love, sex. There are a lot of marriage myths that cause a lot of couples problems.

marriage myths

What some couples do not know, however, is that there are many misconceptions about marriage that might just be the cause behind the inability to communicate or to function as a married couple. Karaz’s Shadi lists five marriage myths you probably thought were true.

1- A Great Marriage Relies on Similar Ways of Thinking

It’s always nice to have someone who gets you and understands your needs. That said, you will never see things exactly the way that your partner does since you both are genetically and psychologically different. Thinking alike does not solve your problems – men and women think and behave differently, and obscuring your contrasting viewpoints can be dangerous. Your partner must enrich your life – not reflect it. It’s okay to be different.

2- A Great Marriage has Nothing to Do with Sex

Sex plays an important role in relationships, it gives you the chance to relieve stress and escape from your life problems for a brief moment, and it enforces the feelings of intimacy and closeness that you have with your partner. Couples that do not have a sex life usually rank its importance as high as 90% in the relationship. Do not think of sex as merely an act that you perform in the bedroom – intimacy through kissing, hugging, and holding hands fulfills your sex life as well.

3- Marriages Require a Great Amount of Romance

People sometimes fall for the illusion that they’re in some Hollywood romance movie. While your marriage should include lots of romance, you still have to remember that being in love is different than falling in love. Falling in love is only the first stage of love, and you will eventually move on from that stage. You need to learn how to continue to the next stages of love when the initial wild feelings fade away.

4- A Good Marriage Requires The Same Exact Interests

There is no problem with your marriage if you don’t exactly the same interests and activities! You will still find things that you enjoy together. Forcing your partner to participate in your activities will cause tension, stress and arguments. Instead, find common ground. Take up something new together. Find something that interests the both of you.

5- A Great Marriage is a Peaceful One

People seem to forget that even the healthiest couples argue sometimes. Do not be afraid of arguing or see it as a sign of weakness. If done right, arguing can release tension and plant feelings of relief and trust knowing that you can vent without feeling vulnerable or humiliated. Instead of worrying about how much you argue think about how you argue – remember not to personally attack your partner in your arguments and do not seek arguments just for the fact that it’s “stimulating”. Make your arguments healthy and constructive and do not avoid achieving emotional closure at the end of your conflict.

What myths did you find to be untrue?

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