Penis Health and What It’s Saying To You Pt. 1

Your penis isn’t just there for show. It’s not there for a couple purposes only. Your penis actually talks to you. Seriously. If something is wrong with your ‘buddy’, it might just be your body’s way of getting your attention about something else that’s going on. Karaz’s Jad lists 4 signs to look out for. 

1. You’re not at 100%

Going soft in the bedroom more than twice a month might mean that your heart is just not into it. A study shows that developing heart disease within 10 years is 65% more of a reality for men with moderate to severe erectile dysfunction than men without ED. The blood vessels in the penis might be getting narrower, so head to your urologist and cardiologist to double check.

2. Your pee is tinted red

If your pee is starting to turn pink or red, it’s a wake up call. Blood in urine could be a major sign of prostate, bladder, or kidney disease, and you need to figure it out ASAP. It could be an infection, but it could be something more serious. Don’t put off talking to your M.D.

3. Your sex drive is blasé

If your sex drive is been kind of bland lately, it could be because you’re not sleeping well. You might have sleep apnea, where your airways become blocked. Studies show that the less bedtime blood oxygen you get, the lower the testosterone, the sex drive and erection quality. If you snore hard, it might be time to ask your doctor to test for sleep apnea.

4. Your tip is red and swollen

If the head of your penis is red and swollen (and not in a good way), with a bit of pain—it’s time to pay attention. You could have balanitis, which caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi because you’re not up to par with your hygiene. This can be treated with over-the-counter meds, but you need to check for diabetes and talk to your doctor.

Any weird symptoms you think need attention?

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