Pornography in Islam

Pornography is the explicit display or description of sexual organs and activity created for the purpose of sexual arousal rather than education. Not only is watching such material degrading and dehumanizing, but watching porn contributes to the sex industry and, possibly, sex trafficking. Additionally, it is unquestionably haram, so Karaz’s Mey is here to enlighten us on how negatively pornography can affect lives and homes.

Silent Addiction

Pornography seems to be such an “accepted” concept, yet it is never spoken about. This is mainly because people are ashamed and embarrassed at the control that their own sexual desires have over them. Richard Drake, an assistant professor at Brigham Young University, reported “pornography consumption can be as mood-altering and addictive as narcotics.”

Porn affects your body and mind in several ways. Erectile dysfunction is a significant effect that porn contributes to. Habitual porn-viewers find it difficult to erect, much less orgasm, without porn. With all the access that they have to the most graphic, fetishistic sex scenes, they find that standard sex with a standard woman is not enough. This could lead to anger and possibly violence towards their partner, and may eventually lead to infidelity and divorce. Dr. Jill Manning found that fifty-six percent of divorce cases involved one party having an obsession with pornography.

As if divorce isn’t enough, studies have shown that men who have made watching porn a habit have a tendency to objectify women and can lead to becoming antisocial, abusive, adulterers, sexists, rapists, sadistic voyeurs, or etc. Lovely consequences, eh?

Porn in Islam

Islam celebrates sexuality within the bounds of marriage, and supports creativity in the bedroom to make sex pleasurable and mutually satisfying. One of the most stressed characteristics in Islam is modesty, and watching porn completely depraves that quality and the innocence that we should guard. Islam is a religion of love and honor, none of which describe pornography. Allah wants love, happiness, and personal growth for his followers, and pornography will only obstruct your path to salvation and faith.

Clearly, perpetuating this culture can result in too much unnecessary and avoidable problems. So, protect yourself and your family from the misery that porn has caused in so many other people.

This article expresses the opinion of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Karaz