The Pros of Being Married

Karaz’s Shahrazad takes a look at the things life sometimes makes you forget—the pros of being married. A bunch of people are doing it, so what’s the silver lining? Read below to find out!

A Partner in Crime

It’s a pretty amazing thought to know that marriage is a ticket to a life of committed love and companionship. Life can get hard, and knowing that you have someone to be by your side through the rough times is comforting. But more than that, it’s someone to witness your life. To be there when you go through an experience that changes you, that helps you grow or that just makes you happy. A partner is just that—someone to stand by your side and help you, support you, lift you up, witness your life, and someone to which you do the same.

A Family Unit

The chance to create a solid family unit is a blessing only marriage can offer. A marriage offers a foundation on which to build a balanced unit to bring and raise a child who can rely on both a mother and father. It provides a chance to build and extend a legacy, to propel the next generation into the world, to create meaning and enjoy the most beautiful group of people you will ever be a part of.

Good Times

Another great pro? Married couples report having a higher rate of sexual satisfaction. There’s something to be said for those who chose to be in married, monogamous relationships and the deeper love, connection and fun it brings.

Are you married? What other pros can you think of that makes your life with your one and only amazing?

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