Does sex for the first time hurt?

Does sex for the first time hurt?

Does sex for the first time hurt? The first time might sound scary to a lot of women due to a lot of unnecessary hearsay from unsupportive friends and family, but it shouldn’t be.

We always hear others stories about how painful their first time was and yes, some women might feel some pain and discomfort during their first time. It must be noted that everyone’s body is different – for some women the first time is pleasurable and fun, while others mention it not going as well as they expected.

The first time should not be too painful for women, and factors like not being ready or being anxious play a huge role in this. Anxiety may lead to the tightening of the muscles or cause the body to not self lubricate. You should use a lubricant and try different positions to see what’s comfortable for both of you.

Your husband needs to understand this, and there are many different things that he can read up on to better prepare himself as well. If the pain is too much for you, then stop, and figure out what else you can try with your husband to make it work.

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