My husband started to put on some weight recently, and he says that is more difficult for him to get aroused. What can I do, as his wife, to help?

Your husband seems to be in an unpleasant cycle: The less attractive he feels, the more likely he will eat to “comfort” himself, which is causing him to put on extra weight and this extra weight is making him feel less desirable. He is having body image problems, and this can be tackled with moral support. Start by encouraging him to exercise by going out for walks together– then take up an active hobby together, like dancing, tennis or going to the gym together. Then, its important to stop buying fatty or sugary items, and make sure your kitchen is full of healthy foods instead.  There is a healthy alternative to anything, and healthy snacks can taste great too!

As for your sex life, be supportive and say you’d be happy with foreplay rather than sexual intercourse. A happy sexual relationship is when you understand each other’s needs and are prepared to give and take. Once he’s a bit more active, eating better, and talking more, his sex drive will surely spike. But if he’s still depressed, he may need further treatment and should visit a doctor.

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