The Secret to Success for Men

We all want to be successful. No matter what our path is or what industry we work in, we all, as men, want to be the best. We’re expected to be breadwinners, to take care of our families, to do the best we can for our children—but more than anything, we want to be the best for ourselves. Karaz’s Ahmad sheds some light on what it really takes to get there—the real heart and soul of the matter at hand.

The secret to success

Set Goals

Having a goal is the first step to take. Successful people have a goal, make a plan to achieve their goal and frame it to be completely attainable in their mind. They don’t stress over how hard it will be, they deal with what they have to do, to get to where they want to be. The real trick to setting a goal is choosing one that resonates with you. It has to be something that motivates you internally—something you love to do as opposed to something you “have” to do.

Practice Makes Perfect

Let’s face it—some guys are just crazy talented. Most of us have to work at it. And the best way to get good at something, is to practice, practice, practice. This is true for the greats—the most successful people have said that practice is what led them to their success.

The trick here is to deliberately practice a skill that is designed to improve specific aspects of your performance. This means working on your weaknesses. It means getting frustrated, failing, doing it again, getting constructive criticism, and then doing it again, and again, and again until you perfect it.

Silver Linings

Successful people are optimistic people. They are not pessimistic. They don’t look at setbacks as a disaster, but rather as a temporary bump in the road. And with a bit of effort, you can get over it. They see things in a way that makes them manageable. Unlike pessimists, who make a catastrophe out of everything—even if it was or wasn’t in their control. Being optimistic takes deliberate conscious choices and is work in itself—but it is a necessary thought process to keep yourself motivated, working, learning, and pushing through.

Expect Hard Times

Remember though, while optimism is necessary, it’s also important to be realistic. Being able to expect problems will make them realistic issues that you can expect, prepare for and deal with. Happy thoughts alone won’t make you successful. Empty positivity is useless. But being able to balance that fantasy and dream, with realistic expectations for hard times ahead—is going to be the thing that sets you apart from the rest. To go above and beyond.

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