Setting Up a Successful Date

Going on dates is important in relationships: it adds intimacy between you and your partner and it keeps things interesting for both of you. Sometimes dates might go wrong, or going out to the same place might eventually become stale. Karaz’s Shahrazad provides five tips to help you arrange your dates and to keep things interesting.

Setting up a successful date

Don’t Be Predictable

Surprise your partner every once in a while. Let’s say your spouse was talking about a movie that they were interested in watching. Buy tickets for the movie and tell your partner that you have a nice surprise. The element of surprise spices things up and adds excitement to the relationship.

Try Out New Things

Why not think of an activity that you’ve never done before? If for example you both are interested in the idea of going camping but never got the chance to ever do it, now would be a great time to plan something adventurous and fresh.

Manage Your Time

Make time to discuss date ideas with your partner, and use the weekend or the days off you have to go out together. You might want to have lunch together or take a long walk at the park. Compromise is important if both of you want to do different things – start off by doing what your partner wants, then going with your plan.

Notice What Your Partner Wants

When planning for a date, remember not only what your interests are, and think of the interest of your spouse. Come up with something that you feel that both of you enjoy, and if they do not like your suggestion then you need to work as a couple to find a solution that will lead to you both enjoying the date.

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