Dad, Daddy, Baba: Showing the Man a Little Love this Father’s Day

More often than not, fathers tend to be the unsung heroes of our lives. Karaz’s Shahrazad shares a few ideas on how to take the time and acknowledge the men who shape who we are everyday…letting them know that we do, in fact, love and appreciate them…especially on today, this Father’s Day.

I will always be daddy’s little girl. My father taught me right from wrong, gave me the tools to make the right choices, and taught me to handle the consequences of my actions. I turn to him when I fall, I look to him for advice, and reach out to him whenever I need his loving embrace. My father taught me that everything is going to be ok, and that there is no problem in life without a solution. That you should take things in stride, keep an open mind, and learn from your experiences.

My father taught me that life is beautiful.

I believe that there is an underlying truth in the look of little children’s eyes when they gaze up at their father’s in way that makes you believe that he truly must be a superhero.

Although they might not have the outfit, the cape or be the most outgoing of people…father’s are the ones who teach us the realities of life, catch us when we fall and give up their everything for our happiness and success. They take the time to teach us life lessons, in every way, every day. To me…that’s a true hero.

Paying it Forward: Gift Ideas

In my book, the best gifts are sentimental gifts. Everyone loves something with a little thought behind it. So think of a touching moment, a funny inside joke, a quirky habit and incorporate it into one of the following ideas to take your gift to another level.

Blast from the Past

Take a walk down memory lane, and take your dad out to something that you used to do together as a kid. Maybe you went camping, or took a drive, passed a football around, or explored the old city… Relive some great memories by creating new ones with an old-school twist.

Picture Perfect

Dads seem to have a thing about putting pictures in their wallets. It’s their little way of always keeping the family with them when they’re not physically there. So how about you take a great pic, or use one attached to a beautiful moment in time and minimize it to be wallet friendly? Write a little note on the back to keep his spirits up and be there for him when he needs it too.

Keep it Classy

If your dad is in need for say…a watch, wallet or grooming set…then go ahead and get him one. This might be a bit of a splurge, but you know he’s worth it. Getting a gift that you know he needs will let him know that you had been paying attention, that you listen and observe and that you care about him too. Again, take it to another level by adding a sentimental touch with a note, a quote or a lovely back-story.

So let’s take a moment to appreciate our dads. To give homage to the paternal bond we all hold so dear. To stop and say, “thank you” for all the hard work and blood, sweat and tears (yes, even if you don’t see them), they’ve shed for us.

This article expresses the opinion of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Karaz