The ABCs of Sexy Pt. 2

Want to have a go-to list of things you can do, to spice things up in your marriage and have good sex? No frills, no complicated instructions—just the ABC’s of getting things heated between the sheets? Karaz’s Yasmin puts together a list of things to do, according to the alphabet in the second part of this 2 part series! 

N- Naughty Nancy

Be naughty with your husband. Playfully be a bad girl and tell him he needs to put you in your place.

O- Open Your Eyes

Keep your eyes open in the bedroom the whole time and just look into each other’s eyes. Don’t look at your bodies, just your eyes and see how “in the moment” you will still feel watching each other be excited.

P- Pleasure Him

There are places on a man’s body, his erogenous zones, that he will just not be able to get enough of. Discover where they are.

Q- Quickies

Sex can be quick and fun. Distract him for 10 minutes when you know he has something or somewhere else to go.

R- Reminisce

Couples that talk about their best moments together, have more amazing moments. Talk about the sexy times you shared and tell him, in detail, what you loved most!

S- Signature Move

Whatever your favorite move is together, name it. Give it a sexy name and it will be your inside secret!

T-Tickle Him With Your Hair

Let your hair tickle his body… and give pleasure to his biggest organ: his skin. It’ll turn him on.

U- Unconditional Love

You’re not perfect. Neither is he. But telling him how much you love him, how sexy you find him, and that you wouldn’t want to wake up next to any other man…is sexier than anything else you can do.

V- Valentines 365

Who says you only need to celebrate love one day out of the year? You should celebrate every cool little thing that happens between you—including your sexiest moments, your awesome jokes, and your best locations.

W-Wear Him Out

Seriously. Keep going till he literally has no more energy. It will be the best way he’s ever gotten tired in his life.

X- X Rated Talk

Dirty talk, in the right places, can turn a guy on faster than saying **** ** ***!

Y-Yoga Breathing

Slow your breathing down to a steady exhale and you will have better orgasms. You don’t need to know how to do yoga, just don’t hold your breath, breathe deep and slow…letting the air leave your lungs totally before taking another breath, and see what happens to your orgasm.

Z- ZZZ’s

It’s normal to have sex dreams once in a while in our sleep. So the next time you wake up from a dirty dream, wake him up and make that dream a reality. He will thank you for the best wake-up call ever!

This article expresses the opinion of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Karaz