The Difference Between Sex and Making Love

For women, there’s a world of difference between making love and having sex.

The difference between sex and making love

Making love is an expression of all the positive things you feel for your partner. It’s an extremely emotional act, as well as physical. Sex on the other hand, is almost entirely physical. It’s a raw, primal act that results in self-gratification. A healthy marriage involves both sex and making love.


 The biggest difference between sex and making love has to do with emotions. For women, it’s difficult to get in the mood and enjoy themselves if they don’t have an emotional attachment to their partner. By making love, the emotional bond between man and wife is strengthened. Holding hands, kissing, cuddling and engaging in foreplay are all ways to trigger the woman’s emotional centers and to make love rather than to just have sex.

There’s no special skills required to make love. Even an inexperienced partner can make love to their spouse, resulting in a pleasurable experience that furthers the relationship. The bond that occurs when making love lasts much longer than just during the physical act.

When a couple makes love, they strengthen the foundation of their relationship. It’s a physical expression of caring of the other person and the emotional bond between the two partners is almost indescribable. Often, women are overwhelmed with a sense of love for their partner when making love, as opposed to the pure physical pleasure they feel when having sex.


 There are even physical differences between making love and having sex. Sex is a physical, nearly primal experience. It’s an in-the-moment type of act, and it’s often only meant to serve the purpose of fulfilling a physical need. It can be hard, fast and sweaty. It’s rarely sweet, carful and gentle.

On the other hand, making love is mostly an emotional experience. While there is certainly a physical aspect to it, the goal of making love is not to find a release. It’s to foster the relationship.

A good marriage has a good mix of sex and making love. It’s important to know the difference between the two so both types of activities can be a part of the marriage. While women thrive on making love, there’s no denying that sometimes partners have a physical need that can only be satisfied by sex. Communication is the key to reaching the right balance between sex and making love in any marriage.

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