The Female Orgasm—It’s More Illusive Than You Think

Karaz’s Shahrazad sheds light on the facts and myths of the female orgasm, and why it isn’t as common and easy to achieve as you might think

Did you know that research suggests that about 75% of all women never reach orgasm from intercourse alone…and that more than 10% never reach orgasm at all? Think about it. Imagine going through life without an orgasm…ever. The worst part is that they want it, but simply can’t get there. It’s incredibly frustrating. Some would say it’s a ‘crime to humanity’. So although you might think that women reach orgasm every time, or that if you simply have sex you’ll make her happy…think again.

So why is it that women don’t O? Well, for starters, it’s not all in their head. It’s not that women can’t reach orgasm because they’re thinking too much or aren’t focused or are distracted. Women need more. They need extra stimulation because intercourse limits contact to one area, neglecting other, critical points such as the clitoris and the G-spot. Vaginal sex plus oral for example, or manual stimulation, would be linked to a higher probability of reaching orgasm than doing any one thing alone.

This isn’t limited to the type of stimulation only, but also to the duration. So if a woman is being stimulated the right way but the act is cut short…forget about it. Women are notoriously known to take longer to climax than men—which is normal. According to statistics, the majority of women need at least 20 minutes of sexual activity to reach climax. This means that if women want to reach an orgasm—sometimes that quickie will just not cut it.

Now, this information isn’t meant to depress or create anxiety. Having a better understanding about what really goes on down there for women should be a source of relief because it tells you that, not only are you normal…but that it is also not something that can’t be helped.

By understanding that women take longer and need more stimulation, their lovers can better work to help them reach their peaks. Men get great pleasure in making their women orgasm, so the benefit is two-fold for both partners as well as the relationship itself.

And while there are many things that men can do to help, it is also the responsibility of women to speak up and not by shy. Communication is of utmost importance, and telling your partner what works and what doesn’t isn’t going to have negative repercussions because in the end…it will go towards making your love making experience that much better for the both of you.

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