The Good Wife

Islam is a religion of love and compassion. Marriage is one of the most important relationships an individual can have, so important that it completes half of their religion. As a Muslim wife, there are certain guidelines one can fulfill, to meet not only their needs, but the needs of their husbands as well. Karaz’s Shahrazad takes a look at the characteristics that make an admirable wife.


Listening to your husband is a crucial element to maintaining a happy relationship. Communication is important, and women tend to forget that men can’t read their minds, and are really bad at taking hints. So be direct, as he is with you. When he says something, know that he means what he says. Listen to his message, and talk honestly about what you both need in the relationship to make it work.

Be There

A good wife is a good partner. Taking care of the kids, and keeping house is one thing—but what everyone needs is a companion in life. I personally believe that we all complete each other. So be there in the ways he needs, in which he might not be able to do himself. Remind him to take care of himself. Be his coach in life.


Stress is a major cause for many a problems. Being able to create a genuine environment that feels safe and secure, is what makes a home. Each partner has their role, so make sure to live up to your end of the bargain. Create a space at home that is compassionate, understanding, patient, and honest.

Live Within Your Means

Everyone likes fancy things, but make sure to live within your means. Creating an unnecessary financial burden will cause a massive rift in the relationship if your husband feels pressured or has to work extra hard to do things he can’t afford. It will create resentment and do more harm to the relationship, than good. Be realistic, and set shared goals for a lifestyle you can both enjoy comfortably.

Patience & Forgiveness

They say patience is a virtue. Being able to be calm will allow you to be the rock when need be. Things don’t always go the way as planned. Sometimes, husbands get angry. People have bad days. Whatever the issue, make sure you are patient. Patient before you reply. Patient before you react. Remember to choose your battles—and more importantly, remember than no one is perfect. Being able to forgive the little things will make room for being able to resolve conflict much better as it comes. Holding grudges does nothing but feed into resentment.

Trust & Good Morals

Trusting, and earning trust are the foundations of a strong relationship. Earn your husbands trust by being modest, being honest and being there. Be a good Muslim example to him, as well as your children. Actions speak louder than words, and by living the virtues preached in Islam, will strengthen your bond with those that matter most.

What characteristics do you think are most important?

This article expresses the opinion of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Karaz