Tips to Finishing Strong—How to Last Longer in Bed for Men Pt. 1

Karaz’s Shahrazad refers to the sexperts for men’s commonly asked questions on what to do to turn a sprint into a marathon in bed.

Finishing early can take the fun out of having sex. It creates anxiety and instead of being relaxed and enjoying the act, you’re sitting there worried about not lasting long enough, especially knowing that it takes women a lot longer to reach their O than it does you. Fortunately, this isn’t a problem without a solution. Ejaculating early, or what some may call premature ejaculation, is a common problem amongst men and one of the top questions they want answers to. Based on research and advice from sex experts, the following list of 4 tips below will help you last longer in bed, be in the moment and go with the flow.

Tip 1—It’s in The Head

No, not that one…the one sitting on your shoulders. Gaining confidence is an important step to learning how to control your body. Finishing early doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you, only that you need to better understand how your body works so that you learn to gain control over time. When you start to hear that annoying negative voice in your head, take a deep breath and switch to a confident tone. Negative self-talk is not going to help, and what you need to do is to get out of your head.

Tip 2—Breath Deep

Learning to calm down can do wonders for those with performance anxiety. Regardless of why you get too excited, learning to breath deep before you start can help calm your nerves. When you start to feel nervous, stop and take a deep breath then focus on the moment and how your body feels. Learning to read your body’s signs will help you down the line. Also, Try imagining a plan of action beforehand, it will help you prepare for moments when you feel like you’re too close to the edge and don’t know what to do..

Tip 3—Stop & Start Method

The Stop-Start Technique is a method that allows you to learn how to build your arousal up without going all the way. When you feel you’re getting too close, simply stop and take a moment to let that wave of excitement decrease. Then start again, and again, when you feel like you’re about to finish, stop and repeat until you decide you are ready to really let go. This will give you control on when you orgasm because it will teach you where your limit is, and teach your body to maintain control in those high-excitement situations.

Tip 4—Take it Easy

Instead of starting out slow, then getting fast and staying fast until you orgasm…develop a rhythm that switches between going in and out fast, and then going in and out slow. It will make sex last longer because it will take you longer to get to that point of no return. Bonus? Women like the variety in stimulation, and sex will become more of a mutually connected experience for the both of you.

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