What Breaks Wudu?

In preparation for prayer, Muslims have to complete a ritual of ablution, which is washing their bodies, in order to cleanse physically and spiritually and stand before God and pray. Karaz’s Yousef takes a look at the things that invalidate wudu (ablution) this Ramadan, to keep you ready when you need be.

Here is a list of the things that break your wudu, requiring you to have to repeat the ritual before you stand to pray.

Najasah—liquid or solid matters excreted out of the urethra or anus. (Urine, sperm, blood, stool, etc.)

Farting—Yep, farting is also another thing you need to watch for. If you do it, you have to repeat your wudu.

Blood, pus, nasty things—that could come out of the body, but only if it is running and a lot of it. If it is a little blood or pus let’s say that comes out of wound and doesn’t flow or spread—you’re ok.

Vomit—for whatever reason, if you get sick, and you vomit whatever is in your stomach (including bile), it invalidates the wudu.

Sleeping—because you are unaware of what you do when you sleep and have no control, sleeping breaks your wudu. To be on the safe side, rinse and repeat.

Fainting—same goes for fainting as it is the same concept. You are unaware and don’t know what’s happening so need to take your precautions.

Sexual Intercourse—having sex, touching a woman (or women touching men), then wudu is broken. Fasting is a time when sexual conduct should be avoided so having sex or getting aroused by lust breaks your fast and your wudu, and requires a complete full cleansing.

What else do you know of that breaks wudu?

This article expresses the opinion of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Karaz