What Is He Thinking In Bed?

It isn’t a stretch to think that the most insecure moment a person can feel is when they’re naked in bed with their partner. But this shouldn’t be the case. As women, we tend to think that he might notice all the things we hate about our bodies. That scar, the cellulite, or the extra curves we don’t love so much. Maybe he’s just not into it? Is he bored? These are all questions that run through our mind. That’s why Karaz’s Yasmin has compiled a list of things he isn’t thinking in bed, according to interviews done with men. This should make you feel much, much better.

“I’m doing this because I have to.”

Just because men finish quickly, or don’t last long at times, doesn’t mean they’re not into it. Counselor D.Wilk has actually found that seeing you naked, might remind him of something else…like a football game. And because they’re worried about not lasting long enough, they end up well, not lasting long enough. So don’t take it personally. Sometimes, these things just happen.

“Look at those scars and stretch marks.”

When your husband sees you naked, he’s not looking at your C-section scar or your stretch marks. Actually, research shows that men don’t really notice those things unless you bring them up! And since confidence is key, don’t mention it! He’ll only pay attention to it if you guide his attention there—otherwise, he’s too busy loving what he sees.

“When is she going to put her clothes on again?”

This is not a thought that comes easy to men’s minds. Your husband enjoys you naked. Or if not naked, at least in lingerie a bit longer. If you really want to keep things exciting, do some household chores or bring him dinner in your sexy underwear. Putting your clothes on too quickly after sex can be an indicator of insecurity, and that’s a turn off.

“Turn off the lights.”

Men are visual creatures. He doesn’t want you to hide in the dark. He wants to be able to see things, see you, and enjoy you physically and visually. If you’re not comfortable with bright lights, light some candles or some soft lighting and set a mood. Not being able to see you actually takes away from the pleasure for him!

Remember, he’s having sex with you because he wants to. Because he thinks you’re attractive. He knows what you look like, he knows how much you weigh. And he still wants to have sex. So stop stressing, get in the mood, and don’t let your insecurities take that away from the both of you.

What do YOU worry he might be thinking?

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