Why do Men like Boobs?

It’s a fact that most men like boobs. While the reason may not seem obvious at first, men’s fascination with breasts is remarkably simple. Men are intrigued because they simply don't have them. It’s not because men want to have boobs, but because they are such a mysterious and fascinating part of a woman’s anatomy.

why do men like boobs

Biological Drive

 A man’s love for boobs is actually hardwired into his DNA. There is a biological basis for the fascination men have with women’s breasts and it has to do with reproduction and the survival of offspring.

Biologically speaking, in order to nourish a baby (before the advent of formula) a woman would need breasts. Those breasts would be used to produce milk, which would feed the baby and ensure it’s survival. Thus, men were drawn to boobs as a means of ensuring that their DNA would be passed on to future generations.

The preference for bigger breasts is also biological. Breasts are made up of fat and mammary glands. When man was still a hunter/gatherer species, larger breasts indicated a greater amount of fat present on the female, which indicated greater health, as health was often linked to eating enough food to survive. Rounded hips, a thicker waist and larger breasts were all indicators of fertility, thus men began using those indicators when choosing a mate.

Media Influence

Besides Biology, men are constantly being bombarded with images of boobs by the media. Whether the messages are subtle or in-your-face, the message is clear – boobs are for enjoyment. Thus, men are constantly being stimulated by images of boobs from the media, while society tells them that it’s only acceptable to be fascinated by your wife’s boobs. Unfortunately, the messages conflict and the result is a sort of cultural taboo, where women are taught to be modest while men are taught to seek out breasts.

The feeling of wanting what you cannot have is not uncommon. Unfortunately, while men seek out breasts for brief glimpses of viewing pleasure, many feel that immodest women are not worthy of marriage. Men desire the very thing they despise. The push and pull of biology, the media and society’s expectations all add to the strange fascination men have with breasts.

Regardless of the reason, it would appear that men will always be fascinated with busts. When that fascination occurs within the context of marriage, it can be a very enjoyable experience for both man and wife. If your husband seems unnaturally interested by your boobs, just remember that he has had a lot of biological and psychological influence that has made him that way.

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