Why Marriage Completes Half of Your Religion

It is a belief amongst Muslim that Islam indicates that getting married completes half of one’s religion. Karaz’s Yousef explores the story behind it, to understand why marriage is put high up on the priority list.

Marriage tops the priority list as being strongly encouraged practice in Islam. “Marriage completes half of your religion”. That is a huge percentage. So why is it so important?

The Sunnah prescribes marriage because marriage can help Muslims steer clear of the many dangers that exist related to his/her chastity. Marriage encourages one to focus on their spouse as opposed to give into temptation and possibly falling into the traps of pre-marital sexual relations with others. The Prophet (SAWS) stated in a hadith; “O young men, whoever among you can afford it, let him get married, for it is more effective in lowering the gaze and guarding chastity…”.

Fraternization, fornication and the likes are prohibited in Islam, and so being modest and chaste is of utmost importance. God has created mates for each of us and the ideal is to find a good mate, be a good spouse and raise a good family.

This doesn’t mean that marriage excludes love. In fact, Islam advocates love and respect, kindness and generosity—both in speech and in action, especially among married couples. There seems to be a misconception that provokes people to get married for the sake of marriage. But marriage is not without it’s struggles. And getting married without being committed to the idea and the person, will only open doors to fall into other sins…some worse than if you were single.

Marriage is important because it creates unity, it creates communal relationships and is meant to create beautiful family units that embody the teachings of Islam: peace, love and harmony. Instead of wasting time chasing tail, Islam promotes a life that motivates it’s followers to invest their time and effort into a marriage, into their children and into themselves as human beings so that they may always strive to be better.

This article expresses the opinion of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Karaz