Why Men Go Limp and What to Do About it

 There are times when even the best of men can’t get their bodies to cooperate and do what they’re told. Erectile dysfunction, or going limp, is a common condition and can affect men of all ages. There are many reasons men may go limp, but fortunately, the trouble is usually easy to remedy. That being said, take a look at these common reasons you may be going limp and what you can do about it.

why men go limp

You’re taking medication

Some types of common medications are known to affect the ability for men to get and maintain an erection. Certain types of painkillers, cold medications and even anti-anxiety drugs have all been linked to problems in the bedroom. If you think your medications are causing you to go limp, try taking a lower dose or going without it, if possible. If it’s a prescription medication, talk to your doctor and see if there is an alternative they can prescribe.

You’re too tired

Whether you’re exhausted from work or obligations at home, you may just be too tired for sex. Whatever the reason, your limpness is an indicator that it’s time to slow down and give yourself a little time to relax and recuperate. Remember to take care of yourself by eating, sleeping and having enough down time throughout the week.

You have a hidden medical condition

Often, not being able to stay erect is a symptom of a serious medical condition. High blood pressure, diabetes and even depression can all hinder your mojo. If you’re having difficulties in the bedroom, it’s a good idea to see your doctor for a complete physical. If anything is detected, they can start you on medications to correct the condition.

You’ve had too much caffeine or nicotine

Most men don’t realize that coffee and cigarettes can cause erectile dysfunction. Both stimulants ramp up your nervous system and make it more difficult to get an erection. The simple solution is to cut out coffee and cigarettes until after you’ve found satisfaction.

You’re distracted by something else

Most men don’t realize that distractions can be as big of an issue to them as it is to their spouses. Whether it’s the TV blaring in the background, a knock on the door, or an inopportune phone call, interruptions can be distracting and the cause of limpness. Fortunately, fixing this is easy. Turn off your phone, don’t answer the door and shut down the TV. Focus on your wife and you’ll soon be ready to go.

You feel guilty about something

Guilt is a powerful emotion. If you’re not fully committed to your wife, you may feel guilty about misleading her. If your conscience is getting in the way of your sex life, it’s time to deal with what’s going on in your mind and rectifying the situation. Be open and honest, then be prepared to deal with the fallout.

You have anxiety about how you will perform

Performance anxiety is a real thing, particularly if you feel like you outdid yourself in landing your wife. Whether it’s her good looks, her amazing handling of the kids or anything else that drew you to her in the first place, if you consider her out of your league, you may have a hard time performing. If that’s your problem, relax. Remember that your wife married you for a reason and that you bring a lot to the table too. Who knows, she may also be feeling like she married out of her league as well. Spend a little extra time on foreplay and don’t rush things.

Figuring out what’s causing you to go limp and taking the necessary steps to fix it can help you enjoy your love life once again. You and your wife will be glad you did!

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