Why sometimes you SHOULD go to sleep angry

We always hear this statement: “Don’t go to bed angry”.This statement is definitely true in a lot of cases, it’s good to work on fixing your problems and working on them before you sleep.

Why sometimes you SHOULD go to sleep angry

 Sometimes, however, you might need to pause everything and just get some rest. Here’s why.

  1. Sleepiness adds to your anger

When you’ve just had an intense argument and it continues till late at night, you reach a point where your sense of judgement and your ability to control yourself are hindered. Being sleepy doesn’t help, and this might lead up to more frustration, and can have you end up saying things that you don’t mean and that you would later regret.

  1. Sleeping Calms you Down

Going to sleep can actually help you calm down. When you’re asleep your brain is put to rest, and this helps recollect and organize your thoughts. You might even wake up with a new understanding of the issue, and will give you a more rational view on what’s going on between you and your spouse

  1. PAUSE

When a fight continuously go on for some time, it becomes frustrating and repetitive. You start moving from one subject to another, until you start fighting over something completely different. When this starts to happen, it’s a good idea to pause and go to bed. Give yourself some time to think things through; this takes us to the next point:

  1. Is it worth it?

Sometimes the most simple and silly things gets us all worked up and we argue with our loved ones over something that might be silly.  So going to sleep and resting our minds, bodies and souls lets you recap the events of the day and let you really analyze the situation and whether it is really worth upsetting your spouse.

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